About Andrew Beacham

Andrew Preaching to Obama

Andrew Beacham is a Christian and a Patriot, trained as an artist; he films, edits, and co-directs most of Randall Terry’s media projects, including many of the campaign TV commercials running during this election cycle by Randall and other candidates on this team.

Early in 2009 he began his political activism with the “Tea Party” Movement. A short time later he heard Randall Terry speak in protest of Obama speaking at Notre Dame University. Andrew was one of three pro-lifers who disrupted Obama's speech at Notre Dame. After the Notre Dame protests, he was invited to join Randall's team full time, and accepted the invitation in the summer of 2009.

From that time to present, Andrew has been a full-time Pro-Life missionary and activist for Christian policies in government, traveling to over 20 states to protest, lobby, and get pro-life candidates on the ballot for the November election.

Andrew Beacham has preached to Obama in person on two occasions, along with many other elected or government officials in the past few years. He has been arrested multiple times, and ejected many more times for peacefully protesting child-killing (“abortion” and contraceptives that cause “chemical abortions”) at various events hosted by the child killers.

Andrew, and his new bride Deborah, spend much of their time in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. You can be sure that Andrew's TV commercials against Obama will have a withering effect on Obamas base, and will garner extensive media coverage in IN, KY, and across the nation. Please support Andrew's campaign!