Obama and Donnelly's War on Women

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News and Press Releases (Archive)

2012-09-27New York Times: Kentucky House Candidate Unveils Graphic Attack Ad
2012-09-25The Courier Journal: Anti-abortion ad showing dismembered fetus to begin airing Wednesday in Kentucky
2012-09-25The Washington Times: Inside Poltics: Kentucky House candidate to air ad featuring fetus
2012-09-25The Washington Post: Ky. congressional candidate buys air time on 9 TV stations to run graphic anti-abortion ads
2012-09-25CBSNews: Anti-abortion ad to begin airing Wednesday in Ky.
2012-09-25Examiner: Tea Party linked candidate to run anti-abortion ads calling Obama a baby killer
2012-09-26WLKY: Congressional candidate running graphic attack ads
2012-09-25WHAS11: Congressional candidate plans to air 'graphic' anti-abortion ad
2012-01-22CNN: Longshot presidential candidate to put abortion in your face during Super Bowl
2011-12-05WSJ: A Pony for Every American? New Hampshire Primary Has It All
2011-11-17MotherJones: Aborted Fetuses to Star in 2012 Election Ads
2011-11-16David Lewis, Boehner Challenger asks Speaker, When is the Oppourtunity to Defund Planned Parenthood?
2011-10-27Press Citizen: Anti-abortion candidate hoping to unseat Obama